Your Rights

We believe it is up to our employees to choose, or not choose, to join a union. It is your decision, and it should be made in a respectful environment free from intimidation and coercion. Federal labor laws provide every employee with the same rights to campaign “for” or “against” unionization. We uphold these rights and respect the views of all our employees. Employees have the right to:

  • Solicit “for” or “against” a union to your fellow employees, as long as you and your coworkers are not on work time and are not in immediate patient-care areas.
  • Distribute information “for” or “against” union representation, except when you are on work time and in work areas or immediate patient-care areas.
  • Connect with fellow employees to better understand everyone’s views about the advantages or disadvantages of union representation at Dignity Health.
  • Attend meetings or gatherings, discuss and ask questions about union representation and the benefits of having a direct relationship with Dignity Health.

Additional rights you have include the ability to:

  • Tell an Organizer you do not want to be contacted at home and ask that your name be removed from contact lists.
    • Please know that the Dignity Health Arizona service area and our affiliated hospital and health-care centers did not and would not share your personal information unless compelled to do so by law. We view sharing such information as a violation of your privacy. In addition, we greatly respect your time away from work.
  • Change Your Mind. If you have signed a union authorization card, you can change your mind by reaching out to the union and withdrawing your authorization. The union may or may not return your signed authorization card.
  • Report Incidences to the National Labor Relations Board if you feel you have been harassed or your rights have otherwise been violated.
    • National Labor Relations Board, Region 28
      Director: Cornele A. Overstreet
      2600 North Central Avenue
      Suite 1400
      Phoenix, AZ 85004-3099
      Phone: 602-640-2160

Consistent with our mission and values, it is important to always communicate in a respectful manner that supports our culture and one another. Always remember that we are united in a common purpose to support our patients by providing high-quality care to the communities we serve.

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