The Dignity Health Arizona service area has had several reports of suspicious individuals trying to obtain personal information from our employees. Examples include:

  • Individuals on LinkedIn identifying themselves as members of our HR and/or leadership team who connect with and ask employees for personal information and information regarding their employment.
  • Individuals calling our employees’ private cell and home phones and asking a wide range of questions, including if they can visit employees’ homes, and for personal information, such as phone numbers,
    addresses, and employment details.
  • In addition, a few months ago, we had individuals in the parking lots at Chandler Regional asking our employees to participate in surveys, which required them to share personal information.

For your protection, please practice good safety measures:

  • If you see suspicious activity, please report it to our security team immediately.
  • Please do not provide personal information to anyone you don’t know or with whom you do not feel
    comfortable. This includes individuals who may approach you on campus, call your cell or home phone, or
    approach you online and on social-media platforms.
  • Check the security settings on your social-media accounts and set them appropriately. If those aren’t set correctly, you may be inadvertently sharing your private information, including location and phone number.
  • Please do not sign anything without a thorough understanding of the document.
  • Only employees with badges should be accessing employee areas.
  • The Dignity Health Arizona service area has a non-solicitation and distribution policy, which means visitors may not solicit or distribute literature or other items at any time, for any purpose, anywhere on company property. If you see someone violating this policy, please call security.

Practicing these safety measures will help ensure that your information remains secure.

Linda Hunt
President and CEO
Dignity Health
Arizona Service Area
Mark Slyter
President and CEO
Chandler Regional Medical Center
Mercy Gilbert Medical Center
Patty White
President and CEO
St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center
St. Joseph’s Westgate Medical Center