Our Philosophy

Consistent with a fair and just workplace, our commitment to our employees is to provide a work environment that promotes justice, dignity and collaboration. We strive to earn your trust and commitment by partnering with you to create a culture based on positive, supportive, mutually beneficial relationships.

While we respect each employee’s right to choose or not choose to be represented by a union, we prefer to maintain a direct relationship with you, believing that those direct relationships have built the rich culture and excellence for which all our hospitals and health-care centers are known. We believe our history of working together—without a union or other third party—is a key factor in achieving our Mission outcomes.

There are many reasons why we prefer to maintain a direct relationship with you:

  • We believe in your voice and your ability to speak about issues that are important to you.
  • We have always enjoyed an open-door policy with you, and encourage all employees to ask questions and provide feedback spontaneously, at open employee forums, town halls, during employee rounding, in meetings, etc.
  • Our direct relationship has led to extremely high employee engagement, which is evident by our employee engagement scores, participation in employee events and programs, and the overall success of our organizations.
  • We believe our ability to successfully recruit, hire, retain and promote highly qualified people would be encumbered by union rules.
  • Our flexibility to create programs for the benefit of our employees would be hampered by those unfamiliar with the needs of our business, service area, and mission.
  • Our ability to provide care and successfully manage our business would potentially be damaged by strikes and work stoppages.

Cost of Union Membership

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