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Dear Employees,

The Dignity Health Arizona service area has a strong tradition of providing employees with opportunities to have a voice in our workplace. It’s fundamental to our values of collaboration, dignity, excellence, stewardship and justice.

We are proud to say we have significant participation from staff in committees and councils that help guide many aspects of our work and environment. Can you imagine our organization without Nursing Shared Governance? Our Nursing Shared Governance councils are chaired by and comprised of frontline nurses, each accepting input from staff-led unit-based councils. These nurses help define, develop, implement, evolve, and sustain practice standards that shape our shared vision for patient care excellence, inter-professional collaboration, and a healing environment. They also help build resiliency and enthusiasm.

In addition to shared governance, all of our employees are encouraged to voice their opinions, feedback, and concerns through a wide range of platforms, including:

  • Town halls with Linda Hunt, president and CEO of the Dignity Health Arizona service area
  • Monthly open employee forums with the hospital presidents (Meetings with Mark Slyter and Staying Strong with Patty White)
  • Patient Experience Steering Committee
  • Ad-hoc town hall meetings and forums with leadership
  • Department huddles and meetings
  • Annual Employee Experience Survey and quarterly Pulse Survey
  • Through high-reliability tools and at daily safety huddles
  • Employee listening sessions
  • During leadership rounding
  • Through the hospital’s open-door communication policy

Your input is critical to the success of our mission and ensures patient safety and quality of care. We do not want that to disappear under a union. Unions often talk about giving employees a voice in the workplace, but the reality is that employee committees often do not exist in unionized environments. Under a union, employees don’t have the same voice—they give it to a third party.

We encourage your feedback, questions, comments and concerns. Keep them coming—they help make us an organization of excellence.

Thank you!

Linda Hunt
President and CEO
Dignity Health
Arizona Service Area
Mark Slyter
President and CEO
Chandler Regional Medical Center
Mercy Gilbert Medical Center
Patty White
President and CEO
St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center
St. Joseph’s Westgate Medical Center