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Dear Dignity Health Arizona Service Area Employees,

Wages and benefits often arise in discussions about unions. Because of that, it’s important you understand the Dignity Health Arizona service-area’s pay philosophy.

We know that our success depends on our employees. That’s why we’re committed to a competitive compensation program that motivates, retains, and rewards employees based on their performance. Our goal is to recognize your personal contribution and to reward efforts based on how well each employee does their job and contributes to our overall goals and mission. This is accomplished through our annual performance review and merit increase program. The Arizona service area has consistently provided employees with a total rewards package that’s among the best in our market. Our total rewards program includes competitive compensation and a comprehensive benefits plan (healthcare, pension, 403(b), and a wide range of other benefits). The program reflects our commitment to you while you work and in your retirement.

Historically, the Arizona service area has budgeted and awarded merit increases, bonuses, market adjustments, promotional adjustments and other compensation adjustments on an annual basis and as needed based on market conditions. In October, we will again be awarding pay increases and bonuses. These are based on our outstanding performance in fiscal year 2018.

One of the benefits of a direct relationship with you is that we can directly reward you for your efforts. Since we are not locked into a contract for several years, we have the flexibility to respond to market changes quickly, increasing our compensation as appropriate.

Along with being a great place to receive care, we want our organization to be a great place to work and we strive to be an employer of choice. You help make that happen through strong collaboration and without the need of a third party. Unions often make bold promises, but the reality is unions cannot guarantee their promises. Wages, like everything that goes into bargaining, can go up, stay the same, or go down.

If you have questions as to how your pay or total rewards may be impacted by bargaining, please let us know or reach out to your leader.

Thank you for all that you do.


Linda Hunt
President and CEO
Dignity Health
Arizona Service Area
Mark Slyter
President and CEO
Chandler Regional Medical Center
Mercy Gilbert Medical Center
Patty White
President and CEO
St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center
St. Joseph’s Westgate Medical Center