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Dear Employees,

We’ve long been dedicated to making the Dignity Health Arizona service area a best place to work. With that in mind, we are committed to building a supportive and caring environment for our employees that takes into account work/life balance and makes adjustments for your personal needs.

When a union comes into an organization, the union becomes the legal exclusive representative of employees in the bargaining unit. This means that after a contract is finalized, we cannot make any changes on our own even if the change is to help our employees.

Working under a union contract takes away the flexibility to make certain adjustments and assist employees with personal concerns. Under a union, we would have to say no to employees who ask for something that is not in the contract – no exceptions. This could negatively impact our ability to:

  • Let you adjust your schedules for personal reasons like taking care of sick kids, transportation issues, attending family events or other personal reasons.
  • Let you adjust your work schedule to accommodate school schedules semester to semester.
  • Grant last-minute requests for time off or changes to vacation schedules.
  • Give pay increases, promotions, or other benefits based on individual performance.
  • Pitch in and help you when you get backed up or are busy (with a union, supervisors and managers usually are not allowed to do employees work).

Kindness, collaboration, and teamwork are core to our culture. We try to assist and support our employees as much as possible. Not being able to help our employees because of rigid union contracts is inconsistent with our values. It is also one of the many reasons we prefer to maintain our direct relationship with you and not have a union.

Many of our staff members need flexibility to maintain work/life balance. While we can t grant every employee request, making adjustments and granting individual requests when possible demonstrates our commitment to you. In addition, we can t envision not being able to lend a hand when our employees need assistance it s contrary to our mission.

We work very hard to build a culture of humankindness. Our visitors and guests tell us that s reflective in our teamwork something that we greatly value and know makes our organization truly special.


Linda Hunt
President and CEO
Dignity Health
Arizona Service Area
Mark Slyter
President and CEO
Chandler Regional Medical Center
Mercy Gilbert Medical Center
Patty White
President and CEO
St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center
St. Joseph’s Westgate Medical Center