Know Before You Sign

Union authorization cards are critical to the success of any union’s organizing campaign. If enough employees sign a union authorization card, the union can petition the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) for an election seeking to represent those employees. This is an important reminder to always read the fine print when asked to sign something.

Did you know that if you sign a card, you are authorizing the union to act as your exclusive collective bargaining representative for the purpose of negotiating wages, benefits, and other terms and conditions of employment with Dignity Health? And if the union becomes your representative, you will be asked to pay hundreds of dollars a year in union dues? Union members can also be subject to fines, fees and assessments.

To help you become fully informed about what union representation could mean for you, below are some important questions to ask those who are trying to get your signature and support:

What could it cost me?

  • How much are union dues? Will I have to pay an initiation fee?
  • What are the advantages of paying union dues? If I don’t pay union dues, will I be able to vote on contracts, be a shop steward, attend conventions, etc.?
  • Does this union call for strikes? If one was called, how much could that cost me?

What will I get?

  • Can you guarantee me pay and benefit increases or benefit protections?
  • Does your union provide members benefits or will my benefits still come from Dignity Health?
  • Can you guarantee I will have job security?

What are my risks?

  • Is it possible that I might lose the benefits I already have with a union contract?
  • Could I lose the flexibility to work with my colleagues and manager? What if my personal scheduling needs are not allowed by the union contract?
  • What if I want to work instead of going on strike, could it be intimidating to do that?
  • Could I be fined or “charged” by the union for not choosing to go on strike?
  • How will my ability to work directly with my manager and Dignity Health leadership change? Who will speak for me?

If you think you mistakenly signed a union authorization card, or simply want to take it back, you can write the union and request it be withdrawn. The union may or may not return your signed authorization card.

Cost of Union Membership

Want to know what union dues could cost you?

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