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What could union dues end up costing you versus saving for your future? Enter your hourly rate and click “Calculate Dues” to find out and decide for yourself if paying dues is worth it.

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According to SEIU-UHW's constitution and bylaws, union members can expect to pay 2.0% of their regular earnings towards union dues. This means that each time union members get a raise, more of their money will be spent on union dues. The minimum monthly dues is $38 per month for those earning $16,000+ a year and $33 per month for those earning between $5,500 and $16,000, with scheduled annual increases until 2020.

The Cost of SEIU-UHW Membership
Versus Saving For Your Future

To find out the cost of SEIU-UHW membership versus saving for your future, select your shift type, enter your current hourly wage rate and hit “calculate.” 403(b) savings are based on a 5% annual growth rate.